A curated database of 70+ tactics to build and monetize your audience

Grow & monetize your audience by stealing from the top creators

Stop wasting your time trying to figure out what works. Steal these proven, battle-tested tactics that the top creators are using today to grow their online business.

A highly curated database

Each of the 70+ tactics inside the Vault has been "stolen" from a top creator.These are proven, battle-tested tactics that have worked before.

Digestible & actionable content

Each tactic comes with a real-life example and a short tutorial on how to apply it.

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Filter by platform and category

We've categorized the tactics into 3 main categories: content creation, audience growth & monetization.You'll also be able to combine these filters by platform: newsletter, social media & digital products

Forever growing database

The Creator Tactics Vault is a living database that we update every 3 months.The more the database grows, the more the price grows. Lock in your price now!

One time payment


✔ Database access (70+ tactics)
✔ Future updates included
✔ Real-life examples
✔ No login needed
✔ Duplicate database

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